Dog Sitting at Your Home

Dogs are happiest when they're at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.


This familiar environment, diet and an exercise routine, together with our personal attention is the perfect way for dog pet to be taken care of when you are away.


Each day we will visit your home to feed, care for and play with your dog or dogs. Medications can also be administed when required.


New clients: Arrange your complimentary evaluation visit and during this visit you can arrange a schedule with our staff member.


We will advise pricing during this complimentary evaluation visit based on your actual requirements.


Payment can be made via -

  • Cash - via staff member at visit
  • Cheque - via staff member at visit
  • Bank Transfer - ask staff member for details



Evaluation Visit


We provide a complimentary, no obligation initial visit to meet with you and your pet.


This is important so we can determine your exact requirements and ensure we can meet your needs.


Call now on 0421 08 3188 to arrange a visit.





Check for mail, water a few plants and put the garbage bin out - we can do this during our visit.