Pet Services on the Mornington Peninsula

Dog walking, pet sitting and pet feeding. Our staff are passionate pet lovers who are very experienced in caring for pets of all types and sizes. Whether you are on holidays, at work, or you just need someone to check in on your pets, we can help.  


We service Mornington, Mt. Martha, Mount Eliza, Dromana and surrounding areas.

  • Dog walking

All dogs benefit from regular walks - the stimulating sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors. After a walk/play and a drink, your dog will be relaxed and content until you get home. 

  • Cat care

Cats need special attention - from sitting with them in a sunny window spot, playing with it's favourite toy, to cleaning it's litter tray. We know what cats need and love.

  • Pet sitting

In the comfort and security of their own home. Our minders will come to your home and attend to your pet's needs - walking, feeding, cleaning up, administering medication or just providing company.

  • Pet feeding

When you are away we can visit for scheduled feeding and checking of your pet. We can even send you photo snaps of your pet so you can stay connected.

  • Fish, Birds, Chickens, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Alpacas, Goats, Horses .... we care for all pet types

We have experience with all types of animals and can cater for each of their needs. Talk with us about your pet's specific requirements.

Peninsula Pets - trusted pet services on the Mornington Peninsula


Evaluation Visit


We provide a complimentary, no obligation initial visit to meet with you and your pet.


This is important so we can determine your exact requirements and ensure we can meet your needs.


Call now on 0421 08 3188 to arrange a visit.





Check for mail, water a few plants and put the garbage bin out - we can do this during our visit.